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Concordiastraat 67a

3551 EM Utrecht

The Netherlands

shop = permanently closed

webshop is open 24/7!

The Domestic Botanist

Sewing Kit: Collage Jacket


The COVID-19 situation forces us to stay inside and lead a more simple life. Many shops are closed, social contacts are minimalized and we have more time for reflection and growth. Having to stay inside gives us the opportunity to start new projects and explore our creativity. 

This made me develop this sewing kit: the Collage Jacket. The aim was to make the design as 'democratic' as possible, as we're all in this together. Democratic because it is based on the idea of a workman's jacket, a garment for the 'common people'. And also democratic because I want it to be accessible to everyone in terms of price, difficulty, size and level of creativity.

Design your own

The idea is to provide you a basis with which you can design your own version. Keep it simple and plain, or nonchalant with frayed edges, or add extra detailing like decorative seams and embroidery. Make it shorter. Change the pockets. Or finish the Collage Jacket in the most beautiful and luxurious way possible. 

Write, draw, cut, paste, collage. Get creative. There are no rules. May you enjoy assembling this jacket as much as I did creating this pattern for you!


Normally the most costly aspect of creating a design is production; the time to make a garment is what makes it 'expensive'. By investing your own time we keep the price low.

And the good thing is, you'll know for sure the jacket has been made under good -ethical- circumstances!


This pattern is designed in such a way that it is accessible for anyone, whether you have sewing skills or not! I made an instruction manual which will guide you along the way. You don't even need a sewing machine. (But if you do have one, feel free to use it!)

Sizing and Fit

Because we have to stay inside we can't just go to the shop and try on clothes. So what could be better than a garment which fits in 80% of all cases?! That's why the Collage Jacket is designed in such a way that it is 'one size fits all'. 

The jacket has a wide fit, but the sleeves are straight kimono-like. They will follow your shoulders, giving the jacket a nice silhouette. 

The sleeves are extra long, so they will be long enough for anyone. You can roll them up, turn them inside and make an extra wide hem, or cut them shorter. The same goes for the length of the jacket; you can make it shorter or a little longer. 


These are the options that we provide: 

  • Pattern only (digital). You can choose between an A0-size copy shop version (1 page) and an A4-size print-at-home version.
  • Pattern only (printed). This is an A0-size copy shop version.  
  • Complete sewing kits. You can choose from a selection of high quality fabrics in four different colours. 
Sewing Kit

Because many shops are closed and you don't have access to all things required I made a sewing kit, which includes everything you'll need to build your own jacket:

  • Fabric: 1,20m plus extra (they are all deadstock fabrics!)
  • Pattern
  • Instruction manual
  • Needle
  • Coordinating chunky thread (made from 100% cotton!)
  • Pins
  • Fabric label (which is -of course- optional for you to use)

For those of you who don't have fabric scissors; I can provide them for you. They are a basic quality, which is good enough if you'll occasionally make your own garments. Check them out here!

Please note the pattern and instruction manual is only in Dutch at the moment. Working on an English version, but as it is not my main language I need some help for that!